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At a most rudimentary level, physical wellness is concerned with the ability to maintain a quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. More broadly, it means consistent engagement in healthy activities which promote our physical vitality, youthfulness and longevity

Physical Enrichment

Millions of years of evolution has geared our bodies to thrive on physical activity. However, in modern western society, we neglect such hard-wiring at great cost. Evidence for this can be seen in the undeniably tight correlation between increased sedentary lifestyles and a persistent rise in chronic pathologies – both physical and psychological.

Our response is compelling: as well as access to some of London’s most exquisite wellbeing and spa facilities, your membership invitation includes a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of experts and Harley Street brands, who routinely work with Olympic athletes, professional sports-persons, celebrity personalities and high-flying executives. Receive truly customised nutritional and physical fitness guidance, designed based on your own unqiue biological markers and profile.

Life is to be lived. Live it radiating health and beauty; live it moving better; live it feeling stronger; live it energised by vitality. Live it The Odissean way.

Your Body, Your Temple

The maxim “You Are What You Eat” is truer than you might appreciate. When it comes to optimising both physical and mental health, a wholesome balanced diet plays an outsized role in the basket of influencing variables.

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The Promethean Toning and Conditioning Programme for Beginners

Crafted for beginners, and tailored to your specific profile and needs, our Promethean programme will aid you on your journey to becoming a more physically healthy and emotionally empowered version of yourself.

Apply for membership and start enjoying the revolutionary benefits of The Odissean Experience’s Promethean programme.

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