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Dr Michael Arumemi-Ikhide (‘Michael Ose’)

Michael is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of executive board experience within the aviation, travel and hospitality sectors. Previously, Michael served as Group Chief Executive Officer & President of a global private commercial airline (plus airline related businesses) which, at its peak, achieved a Deloitte estimated enterprise valuation in excess of USD 2 Billion.

Michael’s varied profile embraces over 20 years of international-level competitive sports. From Open to Masters level, he is a multi-gold medal winning strength and physique athlete with British Championship wins in both Powerlifting and Physique.

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“For me, it’s always the ‘Quality’ of what you do, and not the ‘Quantity’ of what you do, that counts.”

Michael holds an award-winning Doctorate Degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Edinburgh, UK, and an award-winning MBA (earned with distinction) from Imperial College London, UK.

Informed by his life’s journey, The Odissean Experience is a brand conceived from the union of Michael’s eclectic skill set, his own personal evolution, and his deep desire to help others embrace a lifestyle directed towards a place of authentic joy and transcendent change.