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Nelson Mandela
Former President of South Africa

Central to the project of attaining personal growth and self-actualisation is learning to discover, accept and celebrate one’s self. The good news is: you actually already have all the innate peace, power, wholeness and goodness present within you! The journey of life is to uncover that treasure hidden within. When we do so, we give others permission to do likewise.

Experiential Enrichment

Travel; gourmet cuisine; novel experiences and events; literature and the arts – there are a multitude of ways in which we can nurture our cultural and spiritual imperatives. Ways in which we can pursue our passions or uncover new interests. Ways in which we can discover and celebrate our personhood. All of which are experiences we take delight in facilitating for clients.

With your membership at The Odissean Experience, you acquire dedicated access to the vast knowledge and life management expertise of the capital’s finest concierge curators and partners. From the most pedestrian of requests to the most awesome of demands, enjoy the time saving convenience (and reliability) of our purveyors of lifestyle excellence. Personal service at your beck and call.

There is Power in Self Knowledge

The Poet Matthew Arnold Said It Best, “Resolve To Be Thyself: And Know That He Who Finds Himself, Loses His Misery.”

The Antidote Lies Not Without But Within.

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