Echelon Health


‘Prevention is better than cure’. Echelon Health is the world’s leading provider of ‘Early Detection Health Assessment Services’.

Established for the sole purpose of saving lives through early detection, Harley Street based Echelon Health brings together 30 years of clinical expertise, the most advanced suite of imaging technologies available, and unparalleled client service. All culminating in arguably the world’s most unique and cutting-edge healthcare assessments.

Echelon’s Health Assessments are carried out using world class scanning technologies, operated by some of the leading radiographers on the planet. The resulting high-quality images are interpreted by a select group of internationally renowned specialist radiologists. Following this, a personal consultation with you at the end of the process will be carried out by Harley Street’s finest physicians.

The optimization of client health & well-being, through excellent patient care and safety, defines Echelon Health.