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Success Redefined

An Invitation to Your Extraordinary

With membership by invitation only, The Odissean Experience is a private members life support club. A contemporary response to the varied needs of the modern time-challenged high net worth individual.

Motivated by passion, we bring together some of the world’s finest wellbeing and lifestyle experts to craft transformative experiences. Experiences that help our clients achieve a happier, healthier, more meaningful, and more wonder filled existence.

An existence that delivers the quintessence of modern day luxury – self actualisation through bespoke wellness and lifestyle excellence.

Our Purpose

Our reason for being is simple: to help our clients redefine, and expand, their understanding of success, as we guide them through their singular odyssey of transformation.

The great thinkers of the Hellenistic era would recognise and summarise such ambitions as being in the service of “Eudaimonia” – the condition and pursuit of human flourishing. The well-spring of youthfulness, longevity, inner beauty, enjoyment and equanimity of mind. The highest form of human good. A goal we help clients attain by supporting them in their personal quest. A quest to successfully balance all eight dimensions of wellness: intellectual, occupational, emotional, financial, social, physical, environmental and spiritual wellness.

Welcome to Success Redefined.

Discover More

“Change takes courage. Courage to first dream, and then even greater courage to embrace the invitation to the magical possibilities within you”

Join us. . .  and discover your extraordinary.

“The Only Person you are Destined to Become is the Person you Decide to be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it comes to living your best life, success can only be achieved by cultivating a harmonious relationship between all eight dimensions of wellness (which are more commonly known and summarised as Mind, Body and Soul).
Extraordinary outcomes require extraordinary inputs. Hence, The Odissean Experience’s on-demand, guided and bespoke services are for the discerning client who recognises and places primacy on convenience, superior quality and excellence. Our coherent and expert-led approach removes the time-consuming burden of making sense of, and subsequently synthesising, the different service areas of wellness into an effective whole.

Incorporating the resources of a constellation of renowned partner brands, including some of Harley Street’s most distinguished clinicians, each client is looked after by their own dedicated Odissean team. A team comprising both specialists covering, fitness, nutrition, emotional/mental wellbeing, executive coaching and personal development; and lifestyle concierge managers covering, travel, dining, novel experiences, real estate and more.

Our emphasis is on the skilled integration of wellbeing and lifestyle services. This, together with our bespoke solutions – engineered from each client’s goals, physiological makeup and psychological leaning – ensures that clients are nestled within a harmonious ecosystem. An ecosystem geared towards delivering maximally transformative, and life empowering, results. Results achieved through a beautifully simple and easily accessible guided framework. Incorporating Rational Enrichment (for the Mind), Physical Enrichment (for the Body) and Experiential Enrichment (for the Soul), our services will help you achieve your lifestyle and wellness goals no matter how ambitious.

We are more than a community; we are a discreet universe of perpetual growth, betterment and transformation. Transformation for the good of you, your loved ones and beyond.

We are The Odissean Experience – artisans of bespoke wellbeing and lifestyle excellence


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