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The Joy of Music: Food for the Soul

SEPTEMBER 01, 2022

Composer extraordinaire Johan Sebastian Bach once said that “Harmony is next to Godliness”. Bach understood, as well as any, the sheer power that music has over the hearts and souls of mankind. For the joy of music is truly one of life’s great pleasures; food for both mind and soul, allowing humanity to experience (when in synch with our deeper selves) an indescribable state of emotional euphoria. There is hardly a more uplifting subject available for my latest infographic, where we highlight below the joy of music and the nourishing influence it has on the soul.


Music opens the world to us

“Music Gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything.”


There’s so much to see in this life. The world is a big place, let alone the universe, and most of us will only lay eyes upon but a slither of it. Music, however, is the great transporter, a vehicle for the soul, a heavenly tool that propels us beyond the known and introduces us to a world that we would have otherwise never been introduced.

Music is a universal language

“I Think Music in Itself is Healing. It’s an Explosive Expression of Humanity. It’s Something we are all Touched by. No Matter What Culture We’re From, Everyone Loves Music.”


The tragedy of life is its ability to divide us. But there is good news. We have music. No matter where we’re from or what language we speak, music (literally) sings to us all. We all understand its divine language; our souls are forever linked by its harmony. It is the great unifying force that pulls us all together, allowing us to walk as one.

Music helps us escape the material

“Music is the Mediator Between the Spiritual and the Sensual Life.”


Living life as we do, ensconced in the physical world, obsessed with the material, we become limited individuals. By only focusing on the corporeal we shut ourselves off from our true potential. Each of us has a soul that needs nurturing and a spirit that needs raising. Music can make it all possible. Its celestial properties are able to reveal the hidden glories of life, the universe, and everything, liberating the soul from captivity.

Music teaches us that we are not alone

“Music was my Refuge. I Could Crawl into the Space Between the Notes and Curl my Back to Loneliness.”


The world of the present age is more connected than it has ever been but increasingly more of its citizens are plagued with feelings of isolation and are ensnared by the poisonous clutches of loneliness. This needn’t be a life sentence, however, as music can teach us that our pain and suffering isn’t ours to bear alone, that others share our woes, that the songs we sing reveal that others have found a way out.

Music can be a guide and teacher

“Music is … A Higher Revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy.”

Ludwig van Beethoven

As we grow and mature, we all require teachers to guide us along life’s path. Our ancestors are often our most valuable instructors, the philosophies of the past and the wisdom of those that came before us invaluable, and music is a vessel for these lessons that can transform like no other. The stories and emotions infused into the great melodies of history can be our guide through time and space – the Virgil to our Dante.


Piano player.jpg

Our primary mission here at The Odissean Experience is to expand your intellect, feed your curiosity, enrich your physicality and nourish your soul. All three plane of human existence must be cared for and there is perhaps no better way for nourishing the soul than with the perpetual joy of music. Music has the ability to heal us, change us, it can teach us to love and to hope. Music can divorce us from despair and drive us to greatness. Music can be the light in the darkness, that beacon in the mist that calls to our souls.

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